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Responsibility, as understood at James Dixon, permeates nearly every aspect of our operations - from the stunning design of our products, to the distribution of our coveted items, all the way to our attentive customer service. In short, responsibility is a fundamental value for us, shaping the way we conduct business.

We are aware that we bear a responsibility towards all stakeholders, ranging from our customers and employees to the environment and society as a whole. That's why we actively strive to achieve a positive impact through our work.

In this context, we would like to emphasize three points:


Sustainability, for us, means handling our resources responsibly and achieving long-term positive effects on the environment and society. Our value chain primarily focuses on Switzerland, followed by the EU, and more distant destinations in third place, allowing for short distances and a small carbon footprint. This means we aim to minimize the environmental impacts of our production and supply chain.

A central aspect of our sustainability efforts is the use of ecological materials. Over 90% of our cardholder wallets are made from vegetable-tanned leather or vegan alternative materials. This approach enables us to offer high-quality products that are not only stylish but also environmentally friendly.

In summary, sustainability for us means producing our products in a way that preserves the environment, efficiently utilizes resources, and has positive long-term social and ecological effects. Quality and style go hand in hand with our commitment to a sustainable future.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility, as we see it, involves actively contributing to the empowerment and integration of our community. In close collaboration with various social institutions in Switzerland, we work towards integrating people with psychological impairments into the workforce.

These partnerships allow us to have these talented individuals assemble our cardholders. They are also significantly involved in producing our elegant gift boxes and labeling our eye-catching wooden displays that draw attention in retail.

We take pride in these fruitful collaborations and consider them an integral part of our commitment to social responsibility. This unique model represents our belief that successful companies should not only produce high-quality products but also actively contribute to improving the quality of life in our community.

Swiss Made

The vast majority of our wallets proudly bear the label "Swiss Made" as they are produced by suppliers and processors from seven different cantons in Switzerland. This encompasses nearly the entire manufacturing process, starting from the raw aluminum profiles to the final assembly of our popular cardholder wallets.

Our gift boxes and displays are also produced in Switzerland, further contributing to the quality and authenticity of our products. Additionally, our patented cardholder wallets were designed and engineered here in Switzerland. Our company is 100% Swiss-owned and operated, further emphasizing our roots in Switzerland. These aspects leave no doubt: "Swiss Made" is a promise of excellence in every detail.

At the same time, recognizing the excellent work being done globally, we remain open to innovations and products from other sources that effectively complement our product portfolio. These products are not "Swiss Made" for obvious reasons and do not carry this seal of quality. However, it goes without saying that they must fully meet our demanding requirements.

These points are central elements of our responsibility and significantly shape our company philosophy.