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Solo - Scarlet

SKU: JD0319
Prezzo di venditaCHF 39.00

Tasse incluse. Spedizione calcolata alla cassa

  • Blocco RFID
  • Fino a 9 carte
  • Alluminio spazzolato

Eleva il tuo stile con l'intramontabile portacarte Solo Scarlet, un favorito perenne nel sempre elegante nero.

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jd0319 james dixon solo scarlet card holder front
Solo - Scarlet Prezzo di venditaCHF 39.00

For your safety

RFID blocking for up to 9 cards

Our Swiss designed and developed card holder, available individually and used in all of our card holder wallets, can securely store up to 9 cards (contactless card protection).

Our patented mechanism inside ensures convenient card ejection. It is protected by a scarlet anodized aluminum housing with a minimalist design language and a carefully brushed surface.

Aesthetically pleasing

Brushed aluminium exterior

Our patented card holders not only impress with their sophisticated mechanics on the inside but also feature an aesthetically pleasing exterior. The aluminum casing undergoes meticulous sanding before acquiring its beautiful color.

Our responsiblity

Beyond Swiss made

Our cardholder wallets proudly bear the label SWISS MADE as they are produced by suppliers and processors from seven different cantons in Switzerland.

In close collaboration with various social institutions in Switzerland, we take SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY towards integrating people with disabilities into the workforce.

For example, our patented card holders are crafted with great love and passion by a social institution in the canton of Lucerne.

Additional storage space

Pocket for cards, notes and more

Do you have banknotes and other cards that do not require the same level of protection as your bank and credit cards? For those items, we have added additional pocket neatly integrated into the elegant leather case. The picture of your loved one? Yes, we've accounted for that as well.


Offriamo la spedizione standard/postale gratuita e un'opzione di aggiornamento conveniente per accelerare la consegna.


Abbiamo una politica di restituzione di 30 giorni per darti la certezza che tu o la persona amata siete soddisfatti dell'acquisto o del regalo.


Tutti i nostri prodotti hanno una garanzia di 2 anni nel caso in cui un difetto nascosto abbia superato il nostro rigoroso controllo di qualità.